My decision to join Redzone was based on my best friend.She is more versed at social media than I am. For a while she had been talking about people who belonged(are members of) and posted about Redzone. She won a free month through Facebook and talked her daughter and I into joining her at her first class. It was the hardest class I had ever attended. I cried and thought that I had "too many issues" to join. David, said,"just come back", I joined the 21 day for $21 challenge and only missed ONE day. It has been 14 weeks now and I hate to miss a day at Redzone.

My results have been amazing.It has been a life changing experience for me.Not only have I lost weight,I have gained muscle and began a healthier lifestyle. I have also gained amazing friends that I do not want to live without.Dave,Heather, and everyone at Redzone have been soo supportive,encouragig,and passionate about my transformation,with all that support I had no choice but to succeed. The data speaks for itself,I have lost 39.7 pounds since joining. I also took advantage after joining and joined there "GameChangers" eating and training program.During that program I lost 32.8 pounds,28.5 of the was fat, gained 7.7 pounds of muscle and lost 10% body fat.I wake up these days making sure David and Redzone are a part of my life.

Redzone and the Zoners are a part of such a different program.It's special! One difference is how encouraging and embracing everyone in the classes are. I have never been to a place where so many "strangers" are so encouraging and saying"great job","you can do it", and "one more".Zoners are all about success for all and supporting each other. David pushes,praises and modifies to fit each and every client. Redzone has a perfect program figured out, It is quality,not always quantity with your own personal trainer. The best part of bootcamp and the sessions is that it is only 30 MINUTES.About the time you want to quit,it is time to stop. But, the AFTERBURN CONTINUES!!

I know that this will sound soo cliche',but I feel that if I can succeed at Redzone anyone and everyone can succeed. David is so passionate about what he does and believes you can't fail and you honestly won't want to. No matter your age,issues, ability,or healthy you can succeed and be the best that you can be.No other program has David the heart of Redzone,but BEWARE IT'S ADDICTIVE!! :)