Spring Clean Your Nutrition!

Posted on April 7, 2014 at 9:00 AM

Spring Clean Your Nutrition!

Give your kitchen a makeover! No, not HGTV style, but actually get rid of the unhealthy options and figure out what you need. As we always stress to shop the perimeter of your grocer, get rid of as much processed foods as possible and start anew.

Plan ahead! Each weekend it’s best to plan for the week ahead, make a grocery list and go to it. This means you can even cook only once or twice a week versus every night. I know that many of you are all balancing hectic schedules, kids, families, social events, oh yes, and now the beach as well. Quick bulk items that work well; chicken, tomato sauces, stir fries, brown rice, whole wheat pasta, quinoa, veggie casseroles, and some vegetables. (Don’t overcook them, make them al dente so that when re-heating they do not get to ‘mushy’.) Another idea which we use all the time as well, if you don’t want to cook it ahead, at least prep as much as possible to make your meals much easier by reducing prep time, and even marinating longer for extra flavor.

Make it convenient! Look for snacks that fit your nutritional plan and goals. Again, planning ahead makes this easier. Portion out snacks, fruits and vegetables, and nuts for grab and go healthy options.

Lastly, know your healthy on the go options! Yes, most likely you will have that lunch or dinner you don’t feel like cooking or are running late to get home. Know what is healthy at some of your favorite places, or the places you will pass on your way home. Quick ideas; salads with lots of veggies topped with protein, whole wheat options, sides that include veggies (not prepared in butter), brown rice or beans. Remember; keep it simple, you can order a la carte.

So happy Spring Cleaning, and don’t wait to get started!


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