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2051 14th Ave E, Unit 101
Palmetto, FL 34221
(941) 757-3427
5781 Manatee Ave W
Bradenton, FL 34209
(941) 840-3784

Redzone Performance Fitness Center


I decided to start making changes in my health earlier this year.I started with Weight Watchers and it was going well, but I felt like I needed more. My friend Melissa is a Zoner and she posted the 21 Day Challenge on her FaceBook. I was terrified,but signed up anyway! I WAS HOOKED AFTER THE FIRST CLASS. Even though I felt like,I was not keeping up, the staff and members were soo supportive and they motivated me to keep coming in and I am glad that I did!!

Since starting Redzone at the end of July, I have lost 20+ Pounds, went down 3 Dress sizes, and lost over 3% Body Fat.I approach fitness and food as a part of my healthy life style and something that I want to succeed at and enjoy. I have learned to eat to live,not live to eat and truly love going to workout. My family and friends have also become a part of my journey, by supporting me and even joining me in the "FUN" at Redzone.It is not only the physical changes that keep me coming back, I am more confident, I find myself more willing to try new things, and am HAPPY FOR THE FIRST TIME IN A LONG TIME. I feel like I will succeed in reaching my goals because I have found the right place and people to help me along the way.

The difference with Redzone and other things that I have tried is the frequency in which I attend classes. It has been easier for me to stay on track when I know that I am going to workout 5-6 Days a week, the support and motivation from my fellow Zoners is unreal !! I also have virtually 24/7 access to my trainer David who responds quickly to any questions or concerns and is always there to lend support and encouragement.I also know that if I do overindulge or skip a workout, I am not going to "get in trouble",but redirected and encouraged to keep going. It is really a family at Redzone and I am so lucky to be a part of it. When asked if I would refer anyone to Redzone and my answer is always the same: YES,YES,YES! It is simple, if you put in the time(not alot) and effort you will get results. It is easy to go to class because it is challenging and fun. It is easy to eat healthy,because you know that it helps your performance in class. The family atmosphere and encouragement from other Zoners make you want to come back and DID I MENTION THE RESULTS?!?! Quickly,I have become addicted!! It's Only 30 Minutes and I could not be happier with my success so far and can't wait to see how much more stronger,healthier, and more lean I will be!! 

Thanks David and Heather you are the best!!

-Stacy Weir