I started red zone in 2012 . My friend Milissa told me to join for the black dress challenge. I was fit worked out frequently and thought only 30 minutes no problem! TWO words .HOLY CRAP! It kicked my butt! I left skin on the pavement and my body was sore for days. I kept coming back. I pushed through the soreness. I was struggling. One day I asked David " Why am I having such a difficult time with this?" His response was " your doing great have patience. He paused... and said just because you work out, play tennis or hit the gym once in a while , that does not make you a fit person. You have to eat right and drink a lot of water. " During the challenge I came to understand this better . I got stronger, felt better about my body and tied for second in the challenge. I lost weight, body fat and 5 inches. I felt great. This year I joined The Game Changer Challenge. It was a huge commitment. I was scared that I was in over my head . I had to log food, video tape myself and follow a diet for 8 weeks! Oh, did I mention I hate being on face book and I am technology challenged? I finished that challenge in the best shape of my life . At the end, I lost 3.3% BODY FAT, 4 LBS and 7'' inches off my waist and hips! Red Zone is a game changer ! David pushes you. Heather helps and encourages. They teach you how to eat better . It's a life style change. David and Heather show you how to make that change. It's not just about them though. It's about the group of people that are with you on this journey ! The other Zoners are motivating, encouraging, looking for you at work outs, waiting for you to finish, giving high fives and fit pumps as you walk by, David will run with you because NO ZONER LEFT BEHIND ! These people are some of the most amazing and inspiring people I have ever had the pleasure of working out with. They are a family ! On July 26, 2014 I was diagnosed with Thyroid cancer and under went surgery last week. Only a few people knew (I got the news one week before the game changer challenge ended) . David and Heather were amazing ! They helped my family and I through a very uncertain and scary time. I am eternally grateful to them and my fellow zoners for the comfort, thoughts, prayers and food. I knew this was a special place, but I did not realize how all of these people would forever impact the rest of my life. THANK YOU ! Thank you to David and Heather for changing & impacting my life. Thank You to my friend Milissa. Because of her I have met some of the most amazing people and made new friends. Thank to my fellow zoners for compliments, motivation, holding me accountable and offering support. Thanks to Tony for Joining the Team! CONGRATULATIONS AND WELCOME NEW ZONERS! We hope you stay ! Your future self will thank you for it!

Sincerely ,
Cristie Morabito-Caseman

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