Redzone Success Stories

Kim Noordzy

Congrats Kim keep kicking major butt!! Kim has dropped 11% Body Fat in only 3 months

Milissa DeVice

I knew of David from the last health club I belonged to but didn't know much about him then. My son actually contacted David for his free assessment before he headed back to college so I decided to go with him to see what Red Zone was all about.  I put myself on his email/face book contacts and that is how I found out about the 21 day boot camp challenge he was having and decided what do I have to lose, literally!

I was missing the group workouts since my old gym had closed down and had added some extra pounds and was not eating the healthiest anymore.  I was wanting to shed some pounds & not really getting anywhere with my biking and other exercise routine. Though I thought I was in somewhat decent shape.  I was in for a wake-up call when I had to get on the scale, have my legs, stomach and hips measured and body fat taken !  I was motivated at that point that I was going to do this.  Now I had to be accountable. The fitness program set up for me had me on a diet plan and an awesome workout routine at least 4 days a week.  I have learned a healthy way of eating (and yes David, drinking too) !
After the 21 day boot camp was over I signed up for the 6 week camp.

So after about 10 weeks I have dropped 8.5% body fat and 5+ inches off of much needed areas and have the motivation and a personal fulfillment  to do more !  My muffin top has decreased to I'd like to think a mini muffin (:

Dr. Seuss wrote one of my favorite books called "Oh the Places You'll Go" encourages us to find the success that lies within us ! and a favorite quote in the book says...
"and will we succeed ?
Yes !  We will indeed !
98 and 3/4% guaranteed !"

Thanks David and Marquel for a fitness program that meets my needs and helping me reach my goals.  I love the motivation and love all the new people I have met along this journey.
~Milissa DeVice

JoAnn Brown

Before starting my fitness program with David, I thought I was in decent shape for a 43 year old mother of 4. I run everyday, compete in local races and usually place in my age group - but, after my initial assessment I was dead tired and thought I was going to throw -up.(haha) What a realization that was for me. Now, here I am 11 weeks later after working out with David and attending boot camp daily.  My body fat has dropped 5.3 percent and I've lost about 5 pounds. I wasn't as concerned about my weight as much as losing inches. I could see my waistline and thighs needed trimming. So far I have lost a total of 6.5 inches in these past 11 weeks.  I'm amazed at my body's transformation in such a short period of time from the intense workouts and maintaining a low fat diet.(I chose the meal plan program provided by David because I'm not the best eater or planner of what I eat) I'm so excited to be on my way to achieving my weight and fitness goals which I could have NEVER done on my own.   Thank you David

~JoAnn Brown

Dick Theile

I met David at Bradenton Health Club where he helped my wife get started on her fitness program.He was instrumental in changing her attitude toward exercise and fitness, and at her suggestion, I became his client also. I did not know what to expect from a personal trainer,but in my highest expectations,I did not anticipate the level of interest and professionalism that I got from David!! He helped me realign my goal with my highest potential,which I had underestimated! He has faithfully encouraged me and challenged me physically, while teaching me how diet plays an integral part of healthy living.I have already achieved more than I thought I was capable of, and I look forward to seeing how far David can take me.

~Dick Theile

Sue Pace

Sue has done an awesome job! In just over 3 and a half months she lost 40+ pounds and dropped numerous pant sizes!

Lynda Botzenhart

I thought I knew what I was doing. Eating well, exercising, fit and healthy, right? Wrong. A series of conversations beginning with thought provoking questions like "what motivates you?" and "what are your goals?" began a big change. I learned more about nutrition and adjusted what I ate when during the day to get rid of those last ten pounds. My vegetarian diet was part of the meal plan and options for getting the proper protein were included. So, what do you do to workout effectively? We started with an assessment of my fitness level, then set to work on my goals. Workouts were challenging and pushed me, but never too far - injuring prevention always considered. I learned correct form and came to understand more about cardio and strength training. The results? Lower body fat %, more muscle, smaller jean size and enough improvement in my 5k race time to now have a shelf full of trophies, plaques and medals for my age group. I couldn't have done it on my own!

~Lynda Botzenhart

Fontaine Woodbury

Redzone helped me learn how to treat and take care of my body off of the field which helped me excel in the weightroom and on the field

~Fontaine Woodbury

Kelley Carpenter

Geraldo Orta

I worked with David this past summer prior to my Freshmen football season at the Universoty of Tennessee.David's training completely prepared me for what to expect upon arrival to school.. His knowledge of drills and lifts is superior to anything that I have ever seen, I look forward to training with him again next summer and maybe bringing down a few of my teammates. -Go VOLS
~ Geraldo Orta

Kim Stadlin

I started because when I looked in the mirror I didn't like what I saw. I thought I could fool myself that my stomach was big because I had a big meal the night before and it would go down by the end of the day. I realized that wasn't happening and that it needed to take control of my body. As you know Lynda brought me to the Red Zone. I didn't consciously say I was going to sign up but I think deep down inside I knew this was the answer. I remember saying to you that I didn't want to spend hours working out. I had tried trainers and exercise programs before and they never produced lasting results.

When I started what I liked the most was that I was never hungry. I think that gave me the incentive to endure the "torture"/training to have my body help what I was eating work to my advantage. I ate fairly healthy food before but not in the right proportion or quantity. My BMI was a strong motivator to continue through the training to see some results. Once the BMI dropped and some pounds started to come off then I had the incentive to continue. As you know I have some significant medical issues that also made me take look at my overall health and really commit to the Red Zone. I'm not getting younger and other things will probably continue to go awry in my body so I wanted to be at my optimum. And then once I started to see a difference in my clothes and people started to take notice, then I was on the fitness train.

For me the Red Zone works because it gives you a meal plan (I don't like to say diet; bad connotation) and just the right amount of training (30 minutes) to maximize the benefits to get your body into.

~ Kim Stadlin

Paul Champagne

Paul an Army vet, knew that he had to shed a few pounds and get into better shape. Never in his wildest dreams did he think he would exceed his initial goals so quickly.