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Nutrition and Mom

Posted on June 12, 2012 at 6:00 AM

When I told my mom that I was pregnant, the first thing she said to me is, “You’re NOT eating for two, no matter what anyone tells you!” Right off the bat I was annoyed, maybe it was the hormones, but as we all know, we don’t always listen to what a parent tells you, and then look back and think I should have listened… (I know we have all had these moments, but at the time when I thought, really, I’ll be 30 and you’re still telling me things like this) now I’m glad I listened!

When I told my mom that I was pregnant, the first thing she said to me is

Let me start by saying, a woman’s nutritional health before, during, and after (especially if you are breastfeeding) pregnancy influences the health of your baby! It’s not necessarily the quantity, but the quality of a well-balanced nutritional plan. Ensure you are taking a multivitamin (with a health providers consent of course); this does not replace a balanced diet, but ensures that you are receiving the daily recommended amount of nutrients.

Some examples of necessary nutrients are folic acid, which helps in cellular development; helps insure proper development of the brain and spinal cord, helping to prevent birth defects. Calcium helps with bone formation. Protein promotes baby’s growth. Iron is needed to prevent anemia. I personally had to take extra iron in addition to my regular diet to maintain the amount I needed for the baby and me.

Some general rules of thumb, drink lots of water, eat properly portioned healthy meals, and add healthy snacks throughout the day. Ensure you have a variety of foods including protein, vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, and fats. Keep healthy snacks in your purse, desk drawer, lunch box, car, etc. You never know when you will need something for a pick me up, but remember, you aren’t eating for two, but renting out space to your baby. 

I will definitely share more nutritional tips, recipes, suggestions and more with you to help you along your journey. I gained 16 pounds during my pregnancy, and was told all the time how great I looked, I was all baby, and asked what I was doing. Once Brooklyn was born, I had quickly lost the weight and then some. Breastfeeding does in fact help with this, but if you don’t continue to eat properly, no matter how well you did while pregnant, temptations and lifestyles change, and this is the time to ensure you have your eating and nutrition under control once again for a healthy life as a mom with your beautiful baby! You do not want to “diet” during pregnancy to keep pounds off, but make healthy choices to provide the best nutrients to you and baby. Be healthy, eat healthy, it’s a start! TIP: Keep a food log to get a better picture of what you are eating, to ensure you are getting a variety of foods and nutrients, and to give yourself some accountability, whether it be to yourself or someone else.

A nutritional plan paired with an excellent and pregnancy appropriate exercise regimen, you are right on track!

*Always seek advice from a certified nutritionist or doctor as necessary.

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Reply David
11:19 AM on June 26, 2012 
@babybumpEnK There are actually no particular health benefits to corn, it does provide some nutrients though. The biggest benefit honestly is the fiber content, one cup can provide about 18% of your daily value. We very rarely eat corn if any at all, and choose other vegetable options. In terms of it being unhealthy, there is really no risk for pregnant women. In researching this a little more, it seems that the corn silk (the annoying strings you have to remove when prepping corn) is really the concern if any. Remove as you normally would and you should not have any worries. As with anything, just ensure you are washing the pesticides and the wax off well and cooking it well to kill any bacteria. Usually when you do crave something though, it is usually your body telling you that you are missing particular nutrients, which that particular food typically offers (you may actually be wanting more starches-kind of like us discussing potatoes :), or some of the other nutrients). If you are wanting the sweet corn and prefer not to eat corn, a sweet potatoe may be a good option. Otherwise, enjoy! ~Heather
Reply babybumpEnK
4:47 PM on June 24, 2012 
I'm very interested in your thought about corn. I have been told that corn from the husk isn't as good as we think. They have been feeding it to pigs n cows and they blow up. I'm so craving corn. They say its not save for animals but okay for humans,and pregnant moms at that. Have you heard of this??

Can't wait to read more nutritious blogs.