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12 More Days until fall, DON'T FALL INTO THE SAME HABITS!

Posted on September 10, 2013 at 4:10 PM

OK, summer is almost over and you worked hard to get that beach body; tried fad diets, worked out, ran a marathon, whatever you did, what do you do in the fall? In Florida we don't get too much with the changing of the leaves and all the beauty that it entails, however I do know that many are quick to enjoy the hearty food, the holidays (including food and drinks), and any excuse that they can come up with to indulge in the food at the office or that we all share with our neighbors!

You may have met your goal this summer, but that doesn’t mean that it’s over. NO MORE YO-YO DIETS, MAKE LIFE CHANGES!! This means reminding yourself of how great you did, that you made some excellent choices for your looks, but more importantly your health! So how do you maintain what you already started??? PLAN AHEAD! You need to plan out your menu for the week. Be prepared, pack your lunch, prepare your snacks, and make it easy for yourself. When planning your snacks, keep them handy and healthy.

How else can you help yourself??? DRINK MORE WATER! Drink water throughout the day, drink water before you eat, stay hydrated! Not only does your body need it, but you will be surprised how much you actually feel hungry when your body is really telling you to simply drink water. Another tip, when you are dehydrated and feeling thirsty, be careful what you reach for. Not only by looking at calories, fat, sugar, etc, but to what flavors and ingredients increase hunger/cravings. (For more on cravings read past blog, “What are YOUR CRAVINGS trying to tell you”!)

Before you go to holiday/office parties, EAT A HEALTHY MEAL. Don’t graze, as you will be completely shocked how many calories, carbs, fat, and sodium you will consume in addition to the drink you may hold in your hand throughout the evening.

TIME TO SET NEW GOALS! Rethink where you are at with your health and what you are looking to accomplish. Remember every day, not just Monday, not just New Year’s Day, is a new beginning. Set SMART goals and let us help you with your exercise and REDTrition plan for the fall! FALL INTO THE RIGHT HABITS TO CREATE A BETTER TOMORROW FOR YOU AND YOUR FAMILY!


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