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What Are YOUR CRAVINGS Trying to Tell You?

Posted on March 20, 2013 at 8:05 AM

What kind of cravings do you get? What everyone really needs to realize, is that you should truly listen to your body. With that being said, by listening to it, it is also arming yourself with knowing what your body is telling you! As I'm sure that you have heard when you think that you are hungry, it may simply be your body telling you to drink water. Honestly, it's a sign from your body to do something, make things happen, simply know how to read it!

Craving SALT? This is sometimes because you need to de-stress!!! Believe it or not your body is craving natural salt, however be alert, much of what people use now is not natural! The minerals that your body is craving that are found in natural salt are stripped in much of what is used. Instead, reach for some fruits and vegetables, or even some unsalted nuts. Believe it or not, if you are over 50, your salt craving can also be curbed by drinking milk, eating low fat yogurt, or cheese!

Are CARBS what you want? Your blood glucose levels are low. Reach for the good sugar; whole grain rice/pasta and fruits. This is very common for those who have cut carbs out of their diet!

Or, are is it BREAD you are wanting specifically? Eat some chicken or tuna, because it's the selenium your body is craving, not bread!

FAST FOOD on your mind, you need water!!! If you've ever had a little too much to drink and this is what you're wanting, this should make since. Fast food includes a lot of salt, which in turn allows your cells to hold more water which you lost in those drinks. How can you help this? After drinking, eat something salty and drink lots of water (yes before you "pass out"/go to sleep even), you will wake up much better the following morning than you would have.

The ever so popular CHOCOLATE craving... Typically your body needs a pick me up. When I say this, it's a mood booster. Your serotonin may be low, which is your happy hormone. Get out, get active, go for a walk, get the proper pick me up you need! This is a much healthier way to boost your happy hormone. In the event you do choose chocolate, reach for a dark chocolate (at least 70% cocoa). It's the alkaloids that give your serotonin a boost. Your body may be in need of some magnesium which you can find in raw nuts, legumes, and fruits. However with both of these combined it should knock your chocolate cravings away!

SWEET TOOTH? This is similar to your chocolate cravings and low serotonin; however it also indicates low chromium. What to do? Eat turkey, broccoli, orange/grape juice, etc.

Feel too tired, craving SLEEP? You are needing iron found in red meat as well as folic acid in some cereals. Don't grab for an energy drink or a cup of coffee! Protein is the way to go (nuts, eggs, fish, and meat).

And of course the ever so popular cravings for FOOD in general… many times this is the need for water!

PREGNANCY CRAVINGS? Reach for healthier options as we discussed above. However, craving something 'crazy' that is not edible, definitely get advice from your doctor as you are missing a mineral, and the not so edible option is not so good!

Lastly, PMS has you yearning for different/more foods? Increase your meat and grains by half a serving at lunch as well as adding a Vitamin E supplement during this point in your cycle and you will be surprised that many of those cravings will go away.

Of course as always, consult with your doctor in regards to your specific needs, and even find answers to your overall health through blood work. More than anything, tune in to your entire body, not just the signal you are receiving for that craving!!! Think smart, and make awesome choices today!


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