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5781 Manatee Ave W
Bradenton, FL 34209
(941) 840-3784

Redzone Performance Fitness Center



Quotes I like the individual attention at Redzone. I go to my appointment because I know if I don't that David or Marquel will be there waiting to train me. David really motivates me, he trains me as though I don't have some of the medical concerns that I have. He pushes me to take on new challenges. I can even flip the big tires down and back, what a great accomplishment! Even though I have exercised in the past, I never thought I could do some of the reps and drills I do at Redzone. And in conjunction with my medical problems, I feel pretty darn good at what I've accomplished! Quotes
Kim Stadlin

Quotes Since I've started working out at Redzone I have met some wonderful people I probably would have never met. Everyone there makes it pleasurable to workout! The main feature I like about Redzone, is you feel very welcome with smiling faces. David has done a lot for my son Michael; he is stronger, leaner, and knows how important it is to stay in shape. As for me, just knowing David will be there when I show up is enough because I don't want to let him down. That has helped motivate me as well, because you can always find an excuse not to work out. My greatest accomplishment since attending Redzone, is I go 5 days a week, NO EXCUSES! I'm a family person, I believe family is very important and I feel as if I know Heather just as I know David by talking to her on the phone. She makes wonderful treats too! I'm glad to be a part of the Redzone Family! Thank you! Quotes
Mary Galati

Quotes I LOVE the people at Redzone and I love our small group training. It has made achieving my goals a reality. I love the meal plans, drink of the week :), and newsletters! It is such a positive environment and very motivational. Redzone is awesome. I am happy that I have a place to go so close to home. Thanks for helping me achieve a healthier lifestyle and making a difference in my life. Quotes
Milissa DeVice

Quotes David helped motivate me through positive reinforcement and by giving me a place to come everyday to workout and achieve my fitness goals. If I wouldnâ??t have started at Redzone, I donâ??t know if I would have motivated myself to get back into working out every day again. My greatest accomplishment since I started at Redzone would have to be losing 40 pounds in three months, getting healthier, eating healthier, and feeling better overall. Joining Redzone was one of the best decisions I have made. I am serious about my health and getting back in shape, back to the way I was when I was younger. It is very important to me. Thank you Redzone Peak Performance for giving me a place where I can meet my fitness goals. I am not exactly where where I want to be yet, but I am so much closer than I was before. I will keep pushing toward my goals and get where I want to be. Thank you again I am glad to be part of the Redzone Family Quotes
Jason Rusk

Quotes I appreciate what David has done for me but even more than that, I really appreciate what he has done for my sister. She has grown by leaps and bounds. Her self-confidence has come a little more to the forefront; she doesn't completely shy away from pictures anymore, she is wearing clothes that fit her better and she smiles SO much more now. I can't thank him enough for giving that back to her and our families! Thank you for everything David. You truly are changing lives and I feel blessed that I am one of them! Quotes
Krissy Shrode

Quotes I really enjoy that everyone is at Redzone to better themselves and become healthier. The studio is nice and inviting, much more so than a gym. David is a HUGE motivation to everyone. He understands that everyone is at a different fitness level and works with that. He pushes Erica and me past the point where we think we can't go any further or lift anymore weight. His knowledge about both nutrition and fitness keep you encouraged to learn more and strive to be better. Erica and I laugh so much at each session. We get the job done, but we also feel like friends or family of David's with how much we interact. We are there to get in better shape and become better versions of who we are, but along the way we've made a friend in David and it makes the working out part a little easier...even though it's still very hard. Quotes
Krissy Shrode

Quotes I love all of the support provided through positive motivation, the inspirational quotes on the board, nutrition plans, scheduled and structured boot camp classes, nutritious snacks (even free bottled water), a nice display center for Redzone Products, and a friendly environment we love going to! David has helped motivate me in so many ways. On my first assessment, I thought I knew what I was in for, I was certain I couldn't do another set of lunges, then David made a simple and profound statements when I said "I can't"...he quickly realigned my mindset. David has really helped me distinguish the line between self-imposed limitations and how far I can physically reach. One of my greatest accomplishments is finishing our two warm-up laps without stopping. I am not a conditioned runner, but am getting there faster than I ever thought. You have to put the effort in to get the results you want. One of the funniest and memorable moments was when I asked David if these nutrition plans in. Quotes
Melissa Marco

Quotes I love the people at Redzone and the fact that we cram a lot into a thirty minute workout! The pace and the people make achieving our goals so much more fun, less torturous, and definitely attainable! David is always positive and sincere. They keep us moving in the right direction, in a motivating and caring manner. My greatest accomplishment is that I am still attending (wink), and I will never forget when I stopped David's heart playing leap frog-Ouch! I learned I'd do anything than to lose a challenge and do burpees! It's hard to find time for me with a full time job that requires the hours of two jobs and three children's busy schedules. Thank you for making a difference in my life - Redzone Rocks! Quotes
Jennifer Sabo

Quotes I love the small group training and the encouragement from the trainers. The recipes and newsletters on-line are great in addition to the e-mails of encouragement that help me to stay focused. I am already a member of another local gym and making payments there each month, but I decided to do Redzone instead because I like it so much!!! Quotes
Kim Ganey

Quotes I met David Dunham at Bradenton Health Club where he helped my wife get started on her fitness program.He was instrumental in changing her attitude toward exercise and fitness, and at her suggestion, I became his client also. I did not know what to expect from a personal trainer,but in my highest expectations,I did not anticipate the level of interest and professionalism that I got from David!! He helped me realign my goal with my highest potential,which I had underestimated! He has faithfully encouraged me and challenged me physically, while teaching me how diet plays an integral part of healthy living.I have already achieved more than I thought I was capable of, and I look forward to seeing how far David can take me. Quotes
Dick Theile
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