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Redzone Performance Fitness Center


Intro to Kelley Carpenter

Have you always wanted a trainer,but never felt like you have what it takes? Well if you have you are in the same boat that my friend Kelley here was in prior to meeting me. I asked Kelley, an "average guy" to give you glimpse into his life and Body Transformation, over the next 60 Days Kelley Carpenter will tell you about his individual journey with me. I hope you all enjoy!!

Kelley Carpenter Post 1

A Real Life Story of The 60 Day Challenge.


I am out of shape. I know that I am. I wouldn't consider myself fat but I'm certainly not skinny, athletic or in shape. I know that I should eat better and exercise more but making the time seems like mission impossible. I'd like to tell you that I made a conscious decision to change my lifestyle but actually this all came about through a random meeting.


I first met David during a business transaction. As we talked, he shared his idea of someone doing this challenge and journaling the experience. I asked him if “he meant like the movie Super Size Me, only for a better cause?” And so it came to be that I would do the challenge and journal a real account of how I felt. What I experienced and thought during the exercises and after. Journal honestly when I cheated or wanted to quit and so on.


If you are reading this then I commend you for your decision to look into a different way to manage your body and life. You are a step ahead of where I was when I started! As you read, please note that the time lines are not always the same. Sometimes I write before and other times after so my references vary. Thank you for taking the time to read this. I'm not sure how it will go but it should be interesting if nothing else. My best to you in your endeavors!



Kelley Carpenter Post 2

Meeting David at The Initial Assessment


As I drove to my next “assignment” in journaling I wondered who I would be meeting and how this would all happen. I leaned more toward David being a jock who made a living helping other people work out. I met him at his gym where he asked me a series of questions about my outlook on life, past exercising experience, diet and goals. He was surprising realistic and genuine. Physically he is intimidating and I would not want to find him on a walk in a dark alley. But he turned out to be very intelligent and commanding in a much less physical way than one might think based on his size.


After a good conversation we began the “assessment.” I had planned for more of an examination not a work out. We began with one exercise which surprisingly had me slightly out of breath. After that exercise I expected to take a break and hear instructions about the next exercise. No. We went straight into another exercise and then right into another one. I began to think I might not get a break for a few more exercises. Then more. We didn't stop. These random exercises had me gasping for air after just a few minutes. I was embarrassed and surprised by my performance (or lack of performance.) I HAD to get a drink and some air. At the last exercise I told David that I felt like I might pass out. Without hesitation he he encouraged me to continue and told me that if I did pass out then he would catch me.


No breaks, no outs, not from this guy! After 10 minutes of this I was collapsed on the ground panting. It was a terrible performance by me. I played ball when I was younger and had no idea how out of shape I was. Certainly David must think of me badly?! David encouraged me to the point where I was only half certain that after I left he would laugh at my performance today. Every part of my body was tired. My lungs were still screaming for air 15 minutes after we stopped. Seriously, how can this be?


Not proud of what I had just done, I found shimmers of hope in the idea that I could not go back for any more sessions. I mean, I don't really know him, and I could just chalk this memory into the embarrassed memory file in the back of brain, right? That night I couldn't drink enough water and I wondered how sore would I be in the following days?



Kelley Carpenter Post 3

Kelley Carpenter Post 4

I feel a little sore today, but not bad in the morning.  Later in the afternoon and evening it felt a little worse, but not bad for the beating that I endured the day before.  No workout today, which I was thankful for.  Whether yesterday's workout or from fighting the sick bug, I really didn't have the energy.  I ate much healthier today and felt better than yesterday in general.


Kelley Carpenter Post 5

I woke up sore and I wasn’t sure if it was due to the workout or my fighting off a flu bug that was going around. After I got going into my day though, it was pretty obvious that my shoulders and legs were the most sore so that confirmed the cause being the workouts. I ate much better today and drank a lot water.


My second workout was today. I wasn't dreading the workout but I wasn’t looking forward to it either. When I arrived at Redzone I was both intimidated and a little excited. They had me start into some shoulder exercises that felt pretty easy at first. It's not entirely weight lifting. It's not entirely cardio exercising either. It's a mix of light lifting with what I would call light to medium cardio. At least thats what they have me doing right now.


After just a few minutes I was fairly winded but actually felt good about the workout. We did take a short break and got a drink of cold water. Back into it again, I just knew I couldn’t finish some of the sets. But they did a great job at pushing me and only giving the lightest assistance possible so that I finished the exercises and felt good about finishing. Today I got further than I thought I could go with minimal help. I was exhausted at the end but I felt good about what I had just done.


Later while eating dinner I realized two things: Once I sat down for dinner I realized that I was ravenous! I ate three times as much as I normally would! I also realized that while my body was still stiff, aching a little and generally felt like crap -I noticed that my mind felt clear. I don’t know how to explain it ay other way than that. I felt more at peace and focused. A little less foggy than I normally feel after a  long day of work.


Oh yeah- one last thing. I KNOW that there’s no way that my arms and shoulders are bigger after two sessions, lol but they look bigger to me and they feel bigger to me. That sounds a little silly but its what I see and feel. It's a good feeling!



Kelley Carpenter Post 6

I'm sore today but not as bad as I thought I might be. Conscious of my body would be a good way to say it. Not in pain but very aware that something is happening with my body, theres no question about that. Drinking more water than?...When I played sports in high school I guess. Im drinking water even when Im not thirsty.


The workout today was with three of us. We worked on stations and did as many repetitions as we could within 30 second timeframes. Then we moved onto the next exercise. The only breaks were inbetween switching stations. Again, a mix of weights and cardio. I was exhausted but I kept up with the other two. Well...mostly. Because there werent any set number of repetitions but instead using times, it wouldve been hard to fall behind.


But it was really encouraging to be able to keep up with the other guys especially when just a few days ago, I felt like this may be a doomed effort. I felt accomplished. I was out of breath for awhile after but not like the last time and especially not like the first workout. 


After today there is a sense of hope. Hope that maybe this wont be as bad as I feared and hope that I could actually take off some weight, get more muscular and feel better like I wanted too!



Kelley Carpenter Post 7

It's Friday and I gotta tell you -Im glad that Im not working out today. I really am looking forward to resting this weekend. Im sore. Everywhere Im sore. I joke with David that maybe he is trying to kill me because I am so sore. I am very conscious of drinking more water. Even today when Im not working out, I have drank more water today than I would've normally.


Looking forward to NOT working out over the weekend.